Momo Minamoto

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源 モモ  Minamoto Momo
Codename Momochi (百地, Momochi)
Nickname Momochi (モモち, Momochi)
Appear in Anime and Manga
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 0
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukari Anzai
Personal Data
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Age 16
Birthday June 29
Height 157cm (5'2")
Hobby Walking
Eating delicious foods
Professional Status
Class 2-C
Affiliation Sorasaki High School
Tsukikage Symbol Tsukikage
Occupation Student
New Leader of Tsukikage
Relative Yuki Hanzōmon (Former Master)
Ichika Saiga (Disciple)
Weapon Japanese sword
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Momo Minamoto (源 モモ, Minamoto Momo) is one of the main characters in Release the Spyce series.

Background Edit

She is the daughter of a police officer. After he died, Momo wanted to make her father proud by protecting the city.

Appearance Edit

She has a pink short hair that reaches her shoulder. Her eye color is yellow with a shade of brown but turns bright when she is in Spyce Mode, she mostly seen wearing her school uniform and her Tsukikage outfit but she wears casual clothing when she's at home and tracksuits when training with her Mentor. She is the second smallest of their group.

Personality Edit

As one of the newer members of the Tsukikage Momo is kind and respectful. She works hard to achieve her goals and prides herself on doing her best so she can live up to her fathers legacy. She's always well-mannered and timid and always looks to be as useful as possible on her missions, even when she occasionally messes up. Despite her personality, it's difficult for her to interact with new people in social settings (such as a school) due to her insecurity's and general self-esteem. Momo has a high admiration for her master Yuki and does everything she can to please her.

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