Release the Spyce: Golden Genesis Chapter 7
Light Novel Chapter 7 cover
Sisters from Romania
ルーマニアから来た姉妹    Rūmania kara kita Shimai
Chapter Info
Authors SORASAKI.F (Original Work)
Takahiro (Original Planning・Series Composition)
Aoi Akashiro (Writing)
Namori (Illustration)
Chapter No. 7
Character Cover Shin Kōsaka
Mei Yachiyo
Pages 34
Release Date August 27, 2018
Chapter Chronology
Previous Chapter 6
Next Chapter 8
Character Debut
None in this chapter

"Sisters from Romania" (ルーマニアから来た姉妹, Rūmania kara kita Shimai) is the seventh chapter of Release the Spyce: Golden Genesis light novel gaiden series.

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